Eview: A new (ad)venture

Its been a long time since I last posted here and I feel a short explanation is due! I've managed to get myself involved with a new startup, helping Eview develop their energy monitoring system. Its a 'greenfield' development opportunity which is always guarenteed to be fun if a lot of work. So I've been busy beavering away with laying out the architecture and building the scaffolding. We've got a couple of very enthusiastic and supportive customers lined up to trial our first release and so this summer promises to be a busy one.

Utilities Monitoring

Eview's ecoview™ electricity monitoring solution is the only retrofit product available on the market. It allows your organisation to identify and reduce its electricity consumption, saving money whilst reducing environmental impact.

I met Dan, the founder of Eview, at the Pitch and Mix meetup group in Cambridge which is turning into a great place to get advice and support from fellow entreprenuers. The 'Engine Room' series of events offering practical feedback from a group of your peers on new products or new features of old products looks like its going to be an particularly useful resource for the new entrants to the cambridge startup scene.

We've also leapt enthusiastically on the opportunities provided by ideaspace and have started holding our meetings there and using the co-working space for one day a week. There's been a whole pile of activity stimulated by the launch of this new hub for the local startups. A highlight for me was the "Startup Lessons Learned Conference" event in the Hauser Forum which combined a simulcast of the conference from San Francisco in one room with pizzas, wine and first-rate networking nextdoor. Perhaps I'll finally get round to writing up some lean-startup thoughts one of these days, now I'm back in the blogging spirit...