Psonar Launch Update

So we're a few weeks into our 'soft launch' period with a dedicate group of users starting to form the Psonar Community. Having promised an update which is now long overdue, I should start with an explanation, which is simple, its all gone far too smoothly! This is of course a wild over generalisation, we've logged more than 50 issues over at the support forums with the most popular one being a request for a Mac version of the SongShifter.

As far as bugs go, we've encountered a few, apparently network specific, issues with uploading and downloading tracks from the cloud but are making good progress on closing off the last of these. The website has received frequent updates and our newest developer Tim has started working on the rich search features we need to be a compelling platform for music discovery. I've thus been freed up from work on the SongShifter to concentrate on scaling out the server-side of the collection scanning and music moving services. Most of the visible activity has been in refining and simplifying the website copy to better engage with the early adopters who form our core audience at the moment.

No account of the last few weeks would be complete without mention of the overhaul of the Psonar Blog under the expert care of 'the other Ben' who has joined the team. Psonar is passionate about music as a whole, not just the techinal challenges of building a new music management and discovery service and Ben brings a welcome balance, contributing insightful articles about the wider industry and helping Martin reach out to the Psonar Community.

Looking forward, we're anticipating a controlled growth in user numbers alongside further re-inforcement of the basic music management service we had at launch and eagerly looking forward to launching the opening salvos in the battle to create a platform to enable discovery of new music aswell.