Workplace warning signs

I've only had the misfortune to work at a couple of places that I would consider 'bad places to be' but I'd like to generalise wildly from this limited data set to provide a useful rule of them that can be applied at interview time to discover the likelihood of your next job being a disappointment. My general theorem can be stated quite simply:

The fewer previous jobs that your peers have had, the worse the workplace.

This is based on the observation that when working conditions are poor, management are incompetent etc. those with the most experience of other companies and processes are the first to jump ship - leaving the rookies who know no alternative to stay behind and hope that things will improve. I think the caveat about measuring only against your peers - i.e. those in a broadly similar role, is important: you can have companies that are awful places to be a developer whilst being wonderful from the perspective of a sales rep.

I'd love to turn this into a more concrete measure, although finding enough data to calculate 'mean previous jobs per employee' for a variety of companies is going to prove tricky let alone correlating this with 'workplace suckiness'.

i agree

i have a work place, where my team mates and colleagues are atleast wotking for 10 yrs.... and they hardly work now... and they always do politics at work..... and i am the one got recruited in IT first time in 5 yrs to the team. and man it's really boring to work with them.