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Mashup* networking event

Last night I went to my first mashup* event which was a networking evening with a short talk by Charles Cohen about how to manage a technology startup through the coming recession. Charles was an entertaining speaker and his three point message was pretty straightforward:

Searching: Text Preprocessing

I've spent a lot of time working on various searching and information retrieval systems and so thought I'd start off my new blog with a short series of posts on the basics of modern search systems.

Why 'Unfeatured Documents'?

Its a phrase I coined at my first 'proper job', post PhD. As is pretty common, that company's products had a lot of undocumented features. What I've subsequently found to be less common is the vast numbers of what could only be called unfeatured documents, entries in the manuals and help files describing functions that, when the actual code is consulted, turn out to be stubbed out at best and totally fictional at worst!